"Address to the Protestant Association," from Unrighteous Abuse Detected and Chastised (1782)

Hail! Britons! Hail! Associate band!

Who, bold for Truth, united stand,

Resolv’d to oppose the scarlet whore,

Though men may frown, and devils roar.

’Tis well resolv’d, O! noble zeal!

May ev’ry breast in Britain feel

Its sacred influence, and glow

With holy, gen’rous ardour too:

’Tis God whose cause you undertake,

’Tis for your king and country’s sake,

To guard your dearest rights, and prove

Heav’n’s sacred gifts ye prize and love.

Heav’n views the great, the good design,

And smiles propitious; gracious sign

Of approbation; let it chear

Your hopes, and dissipate your fear.

O! fear not men, they’re made of clay,

And, like a shadow, pass away:

They threat, and devils roar in vain,

They’re fetter’d foes, an unseen chain,

More strong than adamant, confines

And curbs their rage, breaks their designs,

Their deep laid plots mars, and confounds

And circumscribes their utmost bounds.

When the loud storm in fury roars,

And bursting clouds a deluge pours,

When blust’ring winds sweep o’re the plain,

And all the tempest’s horrid train,

The stately cedar braves their rage,

Victorious still from age to age:

It nods, it bows its[1] leafy head,

And bends at times, as hard bestead.

Perhaps some wither’d branches fall,

Yet the tree stands in spite of all;

Uprears its lofty head again,

And stands more firm to grace the plain.

So shall Association rise,

Superior to their enemies:

Tho’ Hell and Rome unite their pow’rs,

The wish’d success shall still be our’s;

Error shall stoop, and Babel fall,

And Truth shall triumph over all.

Go then, ye champions for your God,

Follow the track your father’s trod;

Be zealous! it will glory bring

To God, your country, and your king.

Be firm! your enemies will flee;

For what’s your foe, but Popery.

Be temp’rate, and, with steady eye,

Look to the monarch of the sky;

His name you bear, his cause you plead,

Lo! faith and patience shall succeed.

And thou! Britannia’s favourite son!

In this great cause go chearful on.

O! noble Briton! gen’rous youth!

Thou living martyer for the truth!

Whose weal is Heav’s peculiar care,

Still in this glorious cause appear,

And all thy pleasing eloquence,

Employ in sacred Truth’s defence;

Thy great example shall inspire

Th’ associate band with noble fire:

This lesson shall they learn from thee,

To suffer with true dignity;

Joyful forsake their all, as meet,

And lay it at their master’s feet:

If suff’ring is the appointed way,

What coward soul would run away!

Forgive the Muse her artless song,

Her warmest praise must do thee wrong:

That shining worth her feeble lyre

Cannot describe; she must admire,

And own how weak her numbers be

O! Gordon! when she sings of Thee.

Text: Unrighteous Abuse Detected and Chastised, or, A Vindication of Innocence and Integrity, being an Answer to a Virulent Poem, intituled, The Protestant Association. London: Printed [for the author] by R. Denham, No. 20, Primrose Hill, Salisbury Square. Sold by the Author, No. 2, City Mews, White Cross Street; and by the Printer, 1781.