1806 March 31

Eliza Fenwick, [15 Northumberland Street Strand], to Mary Hays, 3 Park Street, Islington, Monday [postmark 31 March 1806].1

My dear friend

You must think me the most inconsistent of human beings if not the most unkind of friends. Soon after writing to you last I was taken ill, & continued so about ten days. My unluckily work therefore was interrupted & though I have done writing now, I am still hourly liable & shall be till next Saturday to be called on for corrections.

I have been involved also in a most painful & intricate affair, not of my own, but belonging to a person for whom I feel the deepest pity with considerable esteem. I have the satisfaction to know I have done good; I have not only preserved the life of a human being, but have I trust rescued, & restored her, to herself. Oh Mary how mighty are the miseries which may befal a woman who has sensibility.

I am also removed, not absolutely though for I am now going to Chiswick & shall be there most probably the greater part of this week. I have taken lodgings at 15 Northumberland Street Strand & early in next week (for happily we publish on Saturday) I will come & spend a long day with you.

Eliza’s eyes are nearly restored.

Adieu Mary dear Mary

Yrs truly

E Fenwick

Monday 12 oClock

Address: Miss Hays | 3 Park Street | Islington

Postmark: Illegible

1 Fenwick Family Papers, Correspondence, 1798-1855, Unpublished Letters, New York Historical Library (does not appear in Wedd, Fate, or Brooks, Correspondence). Fenwick's correspondence with Hays resumes after a four-year hiatus.