Selected Poems of Hannah Towgood Wakeford

For a critical overview of Hannah Wakeford's poetry, read the Introduction below. For Wakeford's biographical notice on this site, click here; for her hymns, click here. Some of Hannah Wakeford's writings appeared in The Christian’s Magazine, or A Treasury of Divine Knowledge, 5 (1764), p. 416. The magazine was published in London by John Newbery and John Coote between 1760 and 1767. Three poems by Hannah Wakeford (they appear under "Mrs. Wakeford") were later published in the Protestant Dissenters' Magazine: “The Vanity of Wishing” in vol. 1 (1794), pp. 505-06; “A New Year’s Midnight Reflection. By a Lady,” in vol. 2 (1795), p. 121; and “A General Hymn of Praise for Creation," in vol. 3 (1796), p. 233, providing more evidence of how much the Wakefords valued her memory as a poet and writer. For the complete poetry, as well as prose and some letters, of Hannah Wakeford, see Whelan, Nonconformist Women Writers, vol. 4 (pp. 107-16) and vol. 8 (pp. 81-104).