6 February [1750]

7. Mary Doddridge, most likely still at Million Bank [staying with Nathaniel Neal], London, to Philip Doddridge, [Northampton], 5 oClock in the afternoon, 6 February [1750]. [f. 19]1

London Febury ye 6. 5 oClock


I am very sorry my Dear Pappa to hear that your cold still continues so bad & that I have only time to say that it would be an unspeakable pleasure to me to hear that you had intirely lost it,

I think I have heard you my Dear Pappa say that you have some time found Eringa Roots of service to you when you have had a Cough for which reason I beg the favour of you Dear Sir to accept of a few from your Polly with her most sensire wishes that you may find benifit from them now I am afraid it [is] not so good as I could wish but thay are the best I could procure & if I rem[em]ber right good Dr Stonhouse has no aversion to Almons & Resons I have usd my intrest with our good Friend Mr Jackson, & have been so successfull as to be able to present Dr Stonhouse with a few which I hope he will find them good,

I have this moment my Dear Pappa recevd your very kind & obliging Letter & beg you would accept my best thanks I am very much consernd to hear you are still so indiferant but live in hopes of better news

I am sorry I’m obliged now to conclude but my self oblig’d to add that I did tell Mr Jackson that the Almonds & Rasons were for Dr S. to whom I beg my best Compliments

Now Permit me to subscribe myself

my Dear Pappa

Your most Dutiful

& obligd Daughter

Polly Doddridge

PS excuse my Dear Pappa I beg the badness of the writing &c your commands Sir shall be Punctulay obayd with regard to Compliments

Address: To Dr Doddridge

Postmark: none

Notes: Dear Polly | and. [in Philip Doddridge’s hand]

1 No letter from Philip Doddridge to his daughter in London at this time is noted in Nuttall's Calendar; his next reply to Mary occurs on 9 March (letter 1585) when he writes to her when she is at Market Harborough.