Hymn IX.

The Saint’s Happiness after Death.

Saints at their Death do go to Rest,

I’ th’ Bosom of their Father’s Love;

Their happy Spirits fully blest,

To worship with the Church above.

All toilsome Labour then doth cease,

No sin, nor Sorrow, can come there;

They enter into perfect Peace,

And see God’s Face in Vision clear. `

God is to them a Sea of Bliss,

That never can exhausted be;

In Christ he is the Life of his,

In Glory, to Eternity.

At God’s right Hand fulness of Joy,

In richest Plenty overflows;

Where Saints do feast, and never cloy,

Because their living Pleasure grows.

The perfect Spirits of the Just,

At home with Christ, are happy made;

There waiting till their sleeping Dust,

Is rais’d in Glory from the Dead,

No more to sorrow, sin, or die;

For raised Saints with Christ must reign,

In Glory and in Majesty,

When he from Heav’n shall come again.

And when that Dispensation’s o’er,

With Christ or Lord we shall ascend

To Glory, ready long before

Too great to know a Change or End!

Text: Text: Anne Dutton, Hymns Composed on Several Subjects. With an Alphabetical Table. Affixed to Dutton’s A Narration of the Wonders of Grace in Verse (London: Printed for, and sold by the Author, in the year 1734), pp. 81-82.

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