1806 (early months)

Benjamin Flower at Whittlesford, near Cambridge, to Eliza Flower at the Randalls, Cambridge, undated, but probably early 1806.

Whittlesford—Mondy Evg

My Dear Love

As Mr Joshua Blow is going to Cambridge to morrow, and recollecting yr anxiety about our dear girl, I just inform you we had a pleasant and safe ride; she held the whip all the way, and laid it on the horse just as much as he wanted. She was quite wakeful & chatty—“I wish Sister Sarah was here to see the pretty little Baa- lambs” was her frequent exclamation. Her remarks on the Snow, the cattle, and various other objects were quite entertaining. She was quite in spirits during Tea time or rather Coffee time. About half an hour after she began to be sleepy and went to bed. Mrs Blow says she was more quiet than usual while her ears were washing, and says she gave no trouble at all. Mr J. Blow has been at our hospitable supper.

You need not fear my taking all possible care of our dear girl and riding with her in the Fly to morrow. Mrs B– wanted Eliza to stay till your return, but this not being assented to by me she kindly and before I knew it arranged matt­ers for our timely departure in the morning.

It is my intention as soon as I get to Harlow to have Mr Dobson to see both Eliza & Sarah’s Ears. You may depend on hearing from me by Nicholsons[1] parcel on Wednesday, on which day, I shall depend on hearing from you, and sincerely hope I shall hear of your recovering both health & spirits. Farewell with Respects to all friends.

Ever Yrs Sincerely

Benj Flower

Note: For the complete annotated text, see Timothy Whelan, ed., Politics, Religion, and Romance: The Letters of Benjamin Flower and Eliza Gould Flower, 1794-1808 (Aberystwyth: National Library of Wales, 2008), pp. 316-17.