[Were I to measure Earth and sea]

Were I to measure Earth and sea

And roam from Pole to Pole

In search of happiness and Peace

And Comfort for my soul;

Were boundless Wealth and honours gain’d

And every Good below,

Vain were the search, the honours vain,

Nor wealth could peace bestow.

’Tis thou alone Almighty Lord

Canst happiness impart;

The gracious smile, thy sovereign Word,

Can cheer a drooping heart.

When sharp distress and conscious care

Invade the troubled breast,

Thy grace preserves from black despair

And gives the Spirit rest.

In Life thro’ every varying Scene

The Lord has power to bless,

Then let me always trust alone

In him for Happiness.

Text: Steele Collection, 10/2; see also Whelan, Nonconformist Women Writers, vol. 4, p. 137.