1804 July 3

Elizabeth Whebell, No 67 John Street Blackfriars Road, to John Rippon, 3 July 1804.

July th 3 1804

Dear and Honrd Sir,

Permit me in this way to express my real Grief at being absent from home on the past night grivd on your account, after your being so kind to take the trouble to come so far, to see so unworthy a Servant and grive at the loss which in prayer in which my Soul doth so much delight if I am not more decived then in any thing else, and which bless'g I had not injoyed, since I saw you Sir, I was but five doors of and indeed two ill to be out, but was oblidge[d] to go to take orders for work, and to see two Children that were ill, and should have been home, before you came, but just as I was even'g out one of the dear children was brought home, that had fell in the teams which providence detained me longer then I should have stopt, but, thro' mercy the child, is perfectly restored I was home in about five minutes after you was gone sir, I cant help lement'g be'g out, fear'g you will feel discuraged and not think it worth you[r] while to come again, I should esteem it a great faviour if you would come tomorrow and take a cup of tea with me Sir, I have reason to be thankfull for your kind visit ^on^ Wednesday, for I can say blessed be God, with-out flattery (which I detest) for the Lord was Graciously pleased to hear your cry' by giving me I trust the affection in Sum littell [?] at least to be Sanctifyde to my ^to feel^ Soul and the Lord was graciously pleased, so to bless the means used to my poor body, that they took efect as soon as attend to and I had a better night-rest then I had had for weaks, and have been Gradually mending a littell every day since, and humbly hope if it shall be for the Glory of God any future relapses will be prevented, but in that respect thro grace I can say the will of [the] Lord be done, I found Lord-day a precious day to my Soul, tho, deprived of out-ward means and no one friend call on me I found it sweet to read the holy word, and to draw near to the throne of devine grace and I did find the Lord in mercy draw'g near to my Soul and shad'g abroad his love in my heart, and looking a littel also the way in which the Lord has been lead'g me in this vast howling wilderness, I am constrained to the Glory of his holy name, it is by the grace of God I am what I am, and kindly detained help of God I contend to this day, and would not go far as I know my own heart have had one thing [f. 450v] then it has been, blessed be God for giv'g such a mind, O that it may remain for surely goodness and mercy has [?] followed me all my days, and I prefer all my troubles and affliction to one hour of the worldly Joy, O bless'd and sweet afflictions that dare imbitter Sin and indear a precious Jesus more and more to my Soul, tho at the same time I desire to lament my barrenness stupidity and insensability, and my want of more faith light and love, I was absent in body Sir, but I felt very near with the church is Spirit hav'g invited that time to retirement while you were commemorating the dying love of the adorable redeemer, and hope'g and pray'g that you might as a church and as indivigules experience much of the outpour'g of the holy Spirit and of the incomes of divine grace in every Soul I trust I did feel Christ a little precious to my Soul and I could not help feel'g love to his dear blood bought family O Sir I long to know christ increase'gly, to know him and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffer'g, and be made conformable to his death, O that I may win-christ and be found in him, O Sin I due feel his Service increas'gly to be perfect freedom to my Soul and wisdoms ways the longer and the more constantly I am help[ed] to walk in them with undivert[ed] ^feet^ and inlarged heart to be ways indeed of pleasantness and path's of peace, O Sir I long to appear before God in Zion O when shall it once be, I trust Sir it is not from a murmur'g impatience under the hand of God but from a holy long'g for the means of grace, and that I may injoy his devine presence in his Sanctuary and inquire in his temple, I hope Sir you will pardon my long trespassing on your time and patience, and if you can make it convenient to favour me with your company to morrow I shall esteem it a great favour, if you be so kind as to send word by the child, I intreat an intress in your prayers for I know by heart felt experiance Sir, the truth of that Scripture the expected fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much, I remain Sir your afflicted but dutyfull Servant

Eliz Whebell

P. S. I please to remember me to Mr Huttson, O may the Lord O abundantly reward him for every labour of love in visit'g and praying with me, he has often been an instrument in the Lord['s] hand if refreshing Soul, O Sir the invaluable bless'g and privilidge of prayer --

No 67 John Street Blackfriars road

Address: Dr Rippon

Text: John Rippon Correspondence, vol. 4, British Library, Add. MS. 25889, fols. 450r-450v.